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Everything you need know about Collection Lounge Pre-order

Why would you want to pre-order?

Unique and high demand designs often sell-out and by pre-ordering you are ensuring that you will get one of the products, even if they sell-out everywhere else.  By pre-ordering with us, you are being placed on our list of priority customers for that

When will my pre-order ship?

The estimated shipping date will be highlighted on the product's page. As this date is an estimate, it is subject to change without notice. Please monitor the website should you wish for an update on your preorder.  If you purchased In-Stock items al

How accurate are the Pre-Order dates?

All of our availability dates are good faith based on what our suppliers share with us. That being said estimated dates can often be pushed back due to factors that are out of our control.  We will update Pre-Order dates, as we are notified. These up

What do I do if I have a Pre-Order item on order but I'm moving or have already moved?

Please reach out to [email protected], so we can further investigate your case and provide you with possible options.

Can I cancel my Pre-order once placed?

Pay in Full or Deposits are non-refundable. However, cancelled pre-orders will be applied as an account credit and can be used for future purchases.

Why Deposit?

By choosing the deposit option, you will be paying $5 for each wallet and $10 for each mini backpack or crossbody. You will not need to put all of your money down until the item your ordered is ready to ship. Once your item arrives in you will be sen

Why has everyone else received their Pre-order? Where is mine?

An official Loungefly drop does not mean that we have our stock in just yet. As our supplier, Loungefly gets the entire shipment, then split it up and starts shipping the shipping process to their small shop. This process can take some time so all sm